From the recording Danbury Days (MP3 Download)


Well I’m in Danbury town on a Saturday night
There’s a crowd in the parking lot just outside
The ticket booth opens and it’s just a little while
Before they stream into the stands and go through the turnstiles

I can smell the fried dough in the evening air
The drivers in the pits are making final repairs
Fans are thumbin’ through the Racearena Review
Checkin’ out the cars and the drivers and the crashes too

I got my stock car ready for this third-mile track
I’m ready to burn it up tonight and never look back
I pull up to the gate near Turn #4
And roll right onto the blacktop like the week before


I’m drivin’ at the Racearena
I’m drivin’ at the Racearena
I’m drivin; at the Racearena
The Racearena in my dreams…

Paul Baker’s on the P.A. welcoming the fans
As we proceed around the track and go by the Grandstand
Ted Abbott waves the yellow as we all get in place
Another lap around the track and we’ll be ready to race

The crowd jumps to their feet as the green flag flies
We put the pedal to the metal in our modifieds
Kickin’ up the dust in this 10-lap heat
Lajoie and Webb and Stockwell are the ones to beat


We fly around the track just as fast as we can
And put on a wild show for the SNYRA fans
Sometimes a little dirty, but most times clean
It’s the best night of racing you’ve ever seen

The roar of the engines thunders through the night
As we jockey for position under the bright lights
Rounding Turn One and Two and then Three and Four
Small Block V-8’s screamin’ with Four on the Floor


Now it’s time for the Feature Race the best of the best
Twenty-five laps of racing fury put to the test
I see Pierce and Campanella are added to the pack
Along with Patchen, Funk and Foshay all on the attack

Drivin’ the final lap sends shivers down my spine
As we go flyin’ round the track towards the start/finish line
In a flash it will be over and there’ll be reason to brag
‘cause tonight I won the feature and took home the checkered flag


Now all of a sudden I awake and find that it was just a dream
The roar of the crowds and those shiny machines
‘cause the Racearena’s gone and it was loved by all
And now all we got is a stinkin’ mall