Into The Deep Blue: CD
  • Into The Deep Blue: CD
  • Into The Deep Blue: CD
  • Into The Deep Blue: CD
  • Into The Deep Blue: CD
  • Into The Deep Blue: CD
  • Into The Deep Blue: CD
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ORDER NOW and receive a personally SIGNED COPY of this brand new release! The album contains 12 feel-good folk-rock songs written and performed by Dave King. Four years in the making... you'll enjoy every song as you soar Into The Deep Blue!

Songs Include: Into The Deep Blue, I Got The Sun Shinin' Down On Me, I Want You To Be All Mine, Lazy Day, Love Will Remain, Whatcha Gonna Do, Runnin' Back To You, When The Time Comes, Anywhere But Here, Dreams, Too Much Time, The Place Where I Belong

Total Running Time: 45:00

Includes 12-page booklet with lyrics, photos and credits.

All major credit cards accepted.

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Danbury Days (CD)
  • Danbury Days (CD)
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Danbury Days pays tribute to the glory days of Danbury, Connecticut. It features songs about the Danbury Racearena, the Danbury Fair and the Danbury Westerners baseball team. It's a treat for anyone who has lived in the Danbury area past or present!

Songs include: Drivin' At The Racearena, This Old Car, Danbury Westerners Theme, Danbury Fair

Downloads also available from major music retailers and .

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Shades of Dave (CD)
  • Shades of Dave (CD)
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13 fresh and honest folk rock songs that will move you. The CD features Dave's vocals and acoustic guitar accompanied by a host of other instruments - all played by Dave! It has received airplay on numerous radio stations and podcasts worldwide. says it's "an astounding album stuffed with potential for success."

These Are The Good Times
I'm Missing You
Hot Summer Night
The Sun & The Moon & The Stars
Think I'm Fallin' In Love With You
Take Me As I Am
The Fog & The Wind & The Rain
The Cold'll Kill Ya
Nobody Sings To Me
The Positive Attributes Of Marriage
We're Gonna Get Past The Bad Stuff (September 11, 2001)

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