Workin' on a New CD!

Yes, it's true!

I recently came to the realization that I have enough songs recorded (in various states of completion) to put together a new CD.  Some of the songs, you have heard before and others you have not.  In any case, I hope to have the new CD finished by the end of the year for all to enjoy!

Three of the songs to be included on the CD focus on aspects of the city of Danbury, CT. 

The songs include:
Danbury Fair - A nostalgic look back at the Great Danbury State Fair which closed in 1981.  The music video for the song has received over 12,000 views on YouTube!

The Danbury Westerners Theme - Theme song for the Danbury Westerners baseball team.

Drivin' At The Racearena - A tribute to the former race track in Danbury.

I am putting the finishing touches on all three of these songs right now.

I'm doing some general "sweetening" by using the Slate Digital Audio Virtual Console Collection as well as doing some minor mixing adjustments to levels and EQ in my Digital Audio Workstation, SONAR.

Once these three songs are completed, I will move on to the next.  At this point, I'm not sure which song will be next.  Time will tell...

When finished, I should have 8 to 10 songs on the CD.

I'll have to start thinking about a title for the CD as well.  Hmm...

Any suggestions?

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