Rosy Tomorrows on Sunday night!

Huricanes and power outages and snow storms and nor' easters...  Man, we've been having some crazy weather lately!

I've been playing my song Whatcha Gonna Do a lot lately because it is about and was originally inspired by a power failure brought on by some powerful weather.  And we've had a lot of powerful weather lately.  Hopefully things will settle down long enough to allow for a gig at Rosy Tomorrows on Sunday night.  How's that for a segue?  Haha!

I'll be performing at Rosy's on Sunday with the music getting underway at 6:00pm.

Here's the details:

Sunday, November 11
6:00pm - 9:00pm
15 Old Mill Plain Road, Danbury CT

More information and directions can be found on the Performances page.

I'll be playing my power outage song, Whatcha Gonna Do as well as tunes from my new CD, Danbury Days.  

Danbury Days
CD's will be available for only five bucks at the gig as well!

All kidding aside, my heart and thoughts go out to those who sufferered from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy.  It's been a tough week for a lot of people.  Hopefully everyones lives will be getting back to normal very soon.  Remember, We're Gonna Get Past The Bad Stuff!

Hope to see you at Rosy's on Sunday!

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