Rosy's on Sunday night and other Details

Hey there,

I'll be performing at Rosy Tomorrows on Sunday night beginning at 6:00pm.  Come on out for some end-of-the-weekend fun.  I'll be playing your favorite tunes and of course there will be plenty of good food and suds!

Details are on the Performances page.

In addition to gigging, I've also been working on recording some new music in the studio.  Most recently, I have re-recorded and am now in the process of mixing an old song called Love Will Remain.  I have always loved this song, but felt that the original recording of it (from way back in the 1980's) did not do it justice.  So, I am now working on a new and improved version which I am sure you will love!

Stay tuned for a new recording to download and I hope to see you for some fun and games at Rosy's on Sunday!



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