Look Out! Here Comes 2012!

Hey there,

Well we had a grand time ushering in the new year at Rosy Tomorrows in Danbury, CT on New Year's Eve.

My performance started at 8:00pm and went straight on through to well past midnight.

As I led the countdown at midnight balloons dropped, noisemakers rang out and glasses of champagne clinked!

A fun time was had by all!  Thanks especially to my friends Carol, Carolyn, Greg, Beth, Nancy and Norb (among many others) for joining the festivities.  I'd also like to thank bartender Gregg for joining me not once, but twice for rowsing renditions of Sweet Caroline.  It's always a crowd pleaser!

If you haven't seen them yet, I've posted some photos from the New Year's Eve celebration on the Photos page.  Enjoy!

I will be returning to Rosy Tomorrows in February for another performance on the 12th.  Details are on the Performances page.

This month's Free Music download is I'm Missing You from my Shades of Dave album.  Cruise on over to the Free Music page to get your free copy now!

I plan to hunker down and get busy with recording during the cold winter months and will hopefully have some new music for you in the Spring.  Stay tuned...

...and keep warm!



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