I Got The Sun Shinin' Down On Me

Hey there,

It's ironic that just before I started writing this blog entry about my new song, I Got The Sun Shinin' Down On Me I was outside shoveling snow after a major snowstorm that dumped a foot of snow here.

Anyway, I'm excited to announce and share with you my new song called I Got The Sun Shinin' Down On Me.

A while back, I was listening to a lot of classic Motown music and thought it would be fun to write and record my own Motown-styled song.  I came up with I Got The Sun Shinin Down On Me.

The song features myself on vocals and all instrumentation except for the horns.  They were graciously provided by Jim Gallagher who I met through mutual friends on the internet.

I also produced a music video for the song and did something very different this time.  I used old 8mm film footage from home movies for the video.  Yup.  That's me on the left.  :-)  You will see that my interest in music started at a very young age!  The shots are all music related and the old film definitely gives it a retro look.  This ties in well with the song because it is a throwback to those classic Motown sounds.

As usual, I had a lot of fun putting together the song and the music video.  Thanks to Carol Berran for her assistance and advice on the music video.

Now that I've rambled enough about it, I'm sure you want to hear it and listen to it!

I'm also trying something different regarding the distribution of the song this time.  It is a FREE download. That's right, I'm giving it away! You are free to download, listen and share the song all you want.  Just be sure to crank it up!  :-)

You can listen to and download I Got The Sun Shinin' Down On Me from the Store page here on the web site.  It truly is free and there are no catches.  It's also available on SoundCloud.

The music video for I Got The Sun Shinin' Down On Me is available for your viewing pleasure on my YouTube Channel which I would love for you to subscribe to.  It is also on the Video page here on my web site.

Take a moment to give the song a listen and watch the video.  It's a feel-good song so I'm sure you will dig it.  Enjoy!




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