Happy Spring!

Hey there,

Happy Spring!  The weather is FINALLY starting to improve after the long lousy winter we had here in New England.  There is HOPE!  :-)

I've been busy working on some musical projects including some recording and mixing in the studio.  I just recently put the finishing touches on an original song called Whatcha Gonna Do and I've just started on another called Lazy Day.  These are both songs that I have had around for a while, but for various reasons I never finished. I'm bound and determined to finish them up and share them with you sooner than later!  Like my last one, I Got The Sun Shinin' Down On Me, I would say these are in the pop/rock genre of music - maybe a little folk/rock too.  I guess you'll decide when you hear them!  Anyway, it's been fun working on them in the studio.  I'll keep you posted on their availability as soon as they are released for sale!

My next gig is at O'Connor's Public House in New Milford, CT on May 3rd.  I had a blast the last time I played there and have every expectation that this time will be just as much fun.  Details are on the Performances page.

Once again, Happy Spring!  And I'll see you real soon...




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