Gigging Away...!

Hey, it's been busy busy lately which is great!

Last weekend, I performed at Parma in Bethel, CT on Saturday night and Rosy Tomorrows in Danbury, CT on Sunday night.  Both gigs were a lot of fun!

I was really happy to see a lot of friendly faces in the crowd at Parma since it was my first time there!  Thanks to Phil, Lisa, Dan, Beth and Matt for coming out for the fun.  Oh yes, and Guido too!  But, he HAD to be there coz he works there!  lol  I'll be back at Parma on December 26th and am in the process of scheduling dates for 2015.  See you there, and stay tuned...!

Also, thanks to Rori and Dave for stopping by Rosy's on Sunday night too!  The more, the merrier!!!

Next stop will be the Kent Pizza Garden on Saturday, November 22nd.  Details are on the Performances page.  I hope to see you there as we kick off the holiday season KPG-style!  It should be FUN!



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