Danbury Westerners Performance Re-Cap

Hey there,

I had the honor of performing at the season opener of the Danbury Westerners baseball game on Friday night.

They invited me to perform the song which I wrote for them: The Danbury Westerners Theme.  I performed it just before the game got underway.

When playing the song by myself with just an acoustic guitar, I use a kazoo to play the horn parts in the song.  Just after I played the kazoo on Friday, it fell out of its holder and tumbled to the ground which was pretty funny.

I posted some photos of my performance on the Photos page for you to enjoy including the kazoo!  Thanks to Carol Berran for providing the photos. 

The Westerners won that night 7-3 and we hope they will continue to win throughout the season!

To celebrate, you can download a free copy of the Danbury Westerners Theme song from the Free Music page.




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