Come Monday...

Yes!  That's the title of one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs and it is the only song I'm aware of that pays homage to the Labor Day weekend.

Hard to believe it, but the Labor Day Weekend is upon us!  I'll be celebrating Labor Day weekend on Sunday night at Rosy Tomorrows in Danbury, CT.  I performed there last weekend as well and had a great turnout.  Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the music and merriment.  It's true!  The more, the merrier!

For details, on this weekend's show, please visit the Performances page.

I'm also working on a special CD which will be a collection of songs focusing on the city of Danbury, Connecticut.  It will feature my new song called Drivin' At The Racearena and will include 3 other songs.  The tentative title for the CD is Danbury Days and it will first be available for sale at SNYRA Reunion in Danbury, CT on Sunday, September 23rd.  Stay tuned for more details....

Hope so see you this weekend at Rosy's!

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