Celebrate summer with new Dave King music

Hey there,

It's SUMMER!!!  My favorite time of the year!

To celebrate, I'm happy to share two new songs for you to enjoy...

Whatcha Gonna Do answers the question...  Whatcha gonna do when the power goes out?

I Got The Sun Shinin' Down On Me is a feel-good love song that celebrates summertime with an infectious Motown groove.

Both songs are available for download NOW.

Downloads are available here on the web site, where you can name your own price.  That's right, you can get them for free or if you would like to support local music, you can spend a buck or two (or more).  It's up to you!  Your financial support will help keep cool new music like this coming!

If you're more comfortable with the mainstream retailers, you can also download them from iTunes and Amazon:

Whatcha Gonna Do                                 iTunes          Amazon
I Got The Sun Shinin' Down On Me         iTunes          Amazon

Bottom line is, I think you will really enjoy adding these songs to your collection and cranking them up and singing along all summer long!


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