I'm a singer-songwriter from Connecticut USA. In addition to my LIVE performances, my original music recordings and music videos are here for you to enjoy!  My brand new album "Into The Deep Blue" is available now! Click Here to purchase the CD or listen to it on your favorite music streaming service.


New Music Video! Love Will Remain (Official Music Video) 

Hey there, 

I am excited to announce the premiere of my new music video! 

"Love Will Remain" is the third single from my new album, "Into The Deep Blue." 

It's a pretty little love song and the video will envelope you in all the rich colors of autumn in New England with a twist!

I hope you enjoy it and share it widely! 

Thank you so much and be well!




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I’ve been getting a steady flow of great singer/songwriters lately and Dave King is definitely in that category with his intelligently written lyrics and acoustic folk-rock.” - Hans Jakup Eidisgard

— Past & Present Webzine


Love Will Remain (Official Music Video)

This is the third music video release from my new album, Into The Deep Blue.




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