Rosy Tomorrows on Sunday night!

Well, we had a great time celebrating Danbury Day yesterday.  But now we're looking forwards to tomorrow at (appropriately) Rosy Tomorrows!

I'll be starting at 6:00pm and continue on until 9:00pm.

Details are on the PerformancesRead more

Danbury Day!

The Danbury Fair closed 30 years ago this week.  While it was operating, today would have been Danbury Day.  The day in which students at Danbury Public Schools all received a free pass to go the fair.  It was…Read more

Remembering September 11th... Free Download

In remembrance of the terrible atrocities that were committed 10 years ago and the victims, their families, co-workers, friends and loved ones you can download my song We're Gonna Get Past The Bad Stuff (September 11, 2001) from ShadesRead more

Rosy Tomorrows on Sunday (and more)!


I'll be back performing at Rosy Tomorrows in Danbury, Connecticut on Sunday night!

The music gets underway at 6:00pm.  Stop by for some good food, drink and song!  

For all of the details, please visit the …Read more

Busy Summer!


Although YOU wouldn't know it, I've been having a very busy (and fun) summer of gigs!  However, most of them have been private affairs and not open to the public.

Nevertheless, I want to remind you about…Read more

New Web Site!

Hey there,

I'm excited to present my brand spankin' new web site!

As you can see there are a lot of design changes, but much of the content remains the same.  Be sure to look around and check…Read more