From the recording Danbury Days (MP3 Download)


Down at the park it’s time to turn on the lights
Because the Danbury Westerners are playin’ tonight
They’ll be swingin’ their bats and they’ll be hittin’ homeruns
It’s a night of excitement and family fun!

Westy helps everybody cheer on the team
As the crowd snacks on popcorn and delicious ice cream
On a warm summer night, you know it’s always a treat
Westerner’s baseball simply cannot be beat!

Everybody knows the score
The fans are screaming out for MORE!
Excitement builds on through the night
As victory is soon in sight (Bat Crack)

The runner advances as he heads for home plate
Rounding the bases there will be no debate
When the last run is in, the fans will proclaim
The Danbury Westerners have won the game!